Jay Leno: MX-5 in 2025 de ultieme collectible
 17-04-2009 |  Algemeen nieuws | bo-webexperts | x |

Op de website van het tijdschrift Popular Mchanics is een interview met Jay Leno geplaatst waarin hij zich uitlaat over toekomstige collectible and classic cars. Natuurlijk hoort de MX-5 (Miata) daar ook bij.


"That’s why I think the Mazda Miata will be the ultimate affordable collectible by, say, 2025. The first-generation Miata was extremely simple, and that’s part of its charm. Years ago, when we were restoring Mustangs, they seemed so complicated compared to a Ford Model A.
A brake-light switch? Why do we have to have thaaaat? In a Model A, you just strung together a couple of yards of wire and boom! You were done. So the early Miata, with no traction control, no stability control—no nothing—will certainly be a collectible. "

afbeelding: Ian Kelsie


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