Mitsuoka Has Made An MX-5-Based Mini Corvette And We Want It
 11-10-2018 |  MX-5 nieuws | bo-webexperts | x | Car Throttle

The products of Mitsuoka can be diplomatically described as an acquired taste. Some people might attribute different, somewhat stronger words to the quirky and often downright bizarre coachbuilt creations the Japanese firm comes up with.

But Mitsuoka’s latest effort should have quite a bit more mass appeal, because, well… just look at it. Isn’t it a fabulous little thing? It’s called the Rockstar, and it’s a current-generation ‘ND’ Mazda MX-5 that has been turned into a miniature C2 Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray replica. We want one. And we suspect you do too.

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