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NC rear clunk

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NC rear clunk
22-03-2023 om 12:02
I have a 2010 NC 2.0.
I've been hearing for some time a clunking noise coming from the rear, but only when I drive super slowly and on irregular roads - for instance red brick roads.
What could it be? I replaced the sway and the shocks recently but the clunk was there before and it remained.
What other suspension parts would cause such a noise, and how can I test them?
Thank you,
RE:NC rear clunk
28-03-2023 om 5:08
Hi Manuel,
recently I read about clunky noises on irregular roads at low speeds in the rear axle systems of ND's that Miata drivers report after 50.000 to 80.000 miles (about 80.000-130.000 kms).
The general info I gathered from those reports is that it could be attributed to worn out bushings allowing for larger play in axle movements.
Maybe this is also the case at NC's. You did not specify milelage of your car. I suggest a visit to "MX5 Onderhoud" workshop in Hattem near Zwolle. Niek specialises in checking and diagnosing suspension and allignment of MX5's and aims at restoring the super driveability of our beloved sports cars.
At a Mazda dealership  replacing bushings only is not what they do, so I have read on forums. They want to replace the whole rear axle system at considerable cost. Bushings replacement only is a lot cheaper. Just have it checked at MX5 Onderhoud in Hattem to see if this is the cause of clunky sounds or perhaps it is something else.
RE:NC rear clunk
4 weken geleden, 10-05-2023 om 4:49
Hello Olav,

Mine is around 105K km.
Thanks for sharing the garage name. I'll try to visit them soon.
I was thinking of doing some testing on my side such as removing the sway, but I think it's easier to just visit a specialist.